Sunday, December 30, 2012

Take Down today

I'll be taking down the work this morning in about half an hour here so more posting to eat breakfast and bust a move~

Well the pieces are all picked up and I even was able to drop off a piece at the LaGrange Art League.

Posted this piece before "Unity" was hanging at Caribou Coffee this past month and now it will be at LaGrange Art League..36 x 36 price is 2490.00 Prints are available 24 x 24 giclee's for 175.00, if interested just email me or comment here. 

Well got some plans to work in the studio today...with having the dear husband home it's great but space is invade a little so grateful I've got a studio to run end of the year kind of stuff needs to be tended too..
My list is growing for the New Year too..I'm getting so excited.. the Gut says Sell! Sell! Sell!

Looking at things..and stuff as my oldest calls it and seeing where I can use my time better and revamp some energy into what I have already...

As I was driving this morning I thought about
Why am I ? 
I'm human and on this plant for some reason and I know for sure it's not to destory though I may take and use discard stuff to make something new I know for sure I'm here for something better What I'm not sure of but the word serve again pops up and not some much in the Godly way as a way to be good use while I'm here so right now Why am I is to be of serve and work on how and while I'm doing that I end up living.

What am I? a woman that is full of ideas and the time and means to carry them out with the love my family. 

Now where am I going today?  with a open heart...lots of places but mainly hanging out in my studio doing a small act to that will lead to the next one and before you or I know progress is made.

I know major ramblings.. but all good ones.

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  1. I love the perspective this piece has!! Happy New Year Laura!


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