Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Rambling before the train ride into the City today.

  Here are a few of my older pieces stacked up and more is on the floor..I've got to photograph them or re mat them or...mount them..give them new life..and I'm not sure but I'll be trying to work in that between something called art and life..

Here is a piece called Earthworks II a series of work I did a while back to push myself to do and not think...understanding composition which is a life long passion of mine..I'm so glad I can move paper around and play with placement of it all...a place that I have to seek where the best place may before..and when you do about 10 of these little gems in a row you start to trust the inner knowing instead of the thinking that cycles in one's head..well that's what I do.. right or work..I keep going.

Yesterday I was also asked about the Tack Down Tuesday piece called "8 Direction to take" This is a transparency I made from a magazine image and I altered the model by cutting something off and abusing the you can tell how it is and where it came from  I love the pose.. There's some body language going on there that can say many things. Well you see it pushed behind the element piece and paint in the next photo.

I'm sure you can see her there...the Book Group I belong it is special to me.  There's 6 of us and we started off with Life is a Verb, and Creative is a Verb and then Julia Cameron new book Prosperous Heart came out and we decided to share that together...and out of that we share where we are and understand that for each of us we have to find our direction on what works as of the process of creating, marketing if that is what we want to do..not all works for all.  So when creating this piece yesterday one has to know that they are created in a moment in my thinking but doing and the inner create spirit in myself takes over and how and what I'm feeling comes out in some way  or another.. I had the image transfer all coated and ready so I went with them..feeling the sense of the moment and the numbers were just what they were and I seen how many times I drew that white wax crayon and it came to 8 and the number 8 was cut off so I could fit the row of number next to the woman waist...and had this lonely number 8 and I found a spot and the title came right after that..with
"8 directions to take"  The inspiration came from all that was inside of me at the moment.. As I say the tack down tuesdays are visual journal entries for me.

Ok got to get off the oldest daughter has treated me to a seat at the Goodman thearter today to see the Christmas going to look pretty and take the train in..Whahoo... going fill the well today.

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  1. Oooo I like that, Laura, and how you fit that figure in and also that number 8! great, going with your daughter to see The Christmas Carol! I love the Goodman Theater. (another memory of things my mom and I did together).


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