Saturday, December 01, 2012

Hanging an Exhibit today

I found something out about myself...if I only spend about 2 hours on the computer and get going with my day by 7:15 as of ready for a walk shopping extra I have a better attitude through the day. If I spend time at the computer blogging or writing up something for a workshop or class,  I have a very unhealthy attitude. And the hold say I seem to want to be slug or a pud..if you know what I mean by that.. so I know that about myself so working on not staying on the computer...(soft addiction) if I don't have to an getting busy in and on with life.. I think about what I used to do many years ago and all the energy..and I feel that on days that I get out and way from the screen..

So with that all I'm heading out early to hang a show before the coffee crowd comes in at Caribou Coffee..8-1 I'm told is the big hours for drinker of coffee on a Saturday.. and I would hate to come in after 1:00 to hang so I told them I'd be in at 7:00...yes sounds just as odd but works for my schedule.

Now off to get dressed and load up the art and extras for hanging like nails, latter, hammer, title cards, and announcement -Meet the Artist December 11th 6-8pm nothing specially just get to meet me.. and see the art!

A little flyer I'll put up on the window,

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