Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Digging deep again

I use to have a set plan and go full steam ahead and lately I'm not caring to much about it like I use to..maybe I should, heck I have a house full of art and need to do something about it soon as I'm taking up a room that is to be our new bathroom...I'm kind of holding up the show so to say but not all the way..there are some other things that are holding up..like how's construction going to be this winter...should we tap into the saving for the bathroom or wait it out and see what the winter brings.

I'm all so not sure what direction to go in...I've got some things lined up and it's great but how can I say this...but to say it "I'm bored." 

I've got two more canvas to finish...I gave myself an assignment to finish 12 of the 36 x 36's size...and I've been sending out weekly now for over a year the tack down tuesday's which is all be wonderful...but not that I don't love what I'm doing and that it's not be kind to me but...getting a itch..

So not sure if these are dream or whims... or just picking them up because a lot of other people are doing it...you know jump on the band wagon, it's what everyone else is doing..

1. put my work on etsy...?
2. continue to do the tack down tuesdays?
3. write a book-my stomach cringes, because I'm not a good writer and whats else isn't been taught out there in the "Technique, mixed media book world?
4. do e-books...people have done that for years now.
5. teach classes on like-means I sit behind the computer longer then I want to.
6. do art fairs- which have been so unpredictable and weather too has not been so kind-to stressful.

I'm going for a walk and try to hear what I need to hear and it may be


  1. For what it is worth, etsy is a pretty low risk venue. It costs only 20 cents to list, and then you pay a percentage of the selling cost. It gets a lot of traffic, and is very professional. Good luck with the journey :)

  2. Another option besides Etsy is Artfire. Some of the artists I know prefer it because it hasn't become so HUGE, but still gets traffic.
    On-line classes seem to be pretty profitable (after the initial outlay of time to do the prep work). I have taken several and there are more and more out there. You just do a once a week update and you're ready to go.
    And yes, other avenues of the art markets have changed a lot; brick and mortar places are few unless it's an artist owned gallery/lesson area.
    You'll find what you need.
    You do a LOT Laura.... ;-)



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