Friday, December 14, 2012

Didn't make it to the Studio

I had high hopes on getting back into the studio and competing the #11 piece I've got waiting...and then I have to get my behind going on the other mask I said I would do...Holidays are here and the rush around to complete so many tasks just overwhelmed me so...I Ran away..not far again but to a place that I've wanted to go.

 A view from the top of the hill at Rice Lake...if you look to your left that's the mall where Blick Art Materials are sold.  I drive by this hill many times and have wanted to be at the top of it each time I seen I did it..I ran away to the top of the hill. Looked down and all around, windy, sunny and the combo of cold and warm was just right.  A while back in my typing and posting some where I had mentioned that since I love the woods, hiking and exploring them I should start and visit each one in the area.  So with out knowing it I've begun that journey... just by wanting to get to the top of the hill, but before I could get to the top I had to walk into and through the Danada horse area of the forest preserve.

 At this point in the photo I've already walked in the stable and out on the other side but as soon as I walked into the stable the flash back of my grandfathers farm and long line of DNA came flooding in and I felt like I was home...not that I was an expert with horse or farming as some of my extend family members but I a lover of it and know when to say this is home...the smells the sounds and comfort of a natural real place.

 When I walked down and passed some of the stalls I was in awe at the size of these draft horse...I could only think of my great dane then and why I love that breed so much...the remind me of a horse even the way they stand...In some native tribes the horse is consider a big dog..

I cut the image of the photo above and was attracted to the landscape of this one...Hmmm then the thought came it would be cool to put this to good use or some what with the class I've got coming up where I'm asking my students to bring in photo's of the a landscape they like and or magazine image and we are going to pull from this image and stretch...the "crap out of it" and explore with some good experimentation.  Everyone always wants a direction in my class as to where are we going to go with this..."Give me an Assignment" kind of thinking and rightly so if you taking a class so I'm going to print this out and see what will come for me.. right after I finish my #11 piece and the mask for the Children Discovery Museum

Taking a short run away or some call it Artist Date replenishes the well of creativity.


  1. Laura,
    I just wanted to say thanks for posting that video of Brene Brown yesterday. It came at a time that I really needed to hear it. A wise woman.

  2. That she is...check her blog out too.


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