Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Been feeling a bit Goofy lately

Yes have to admit it...Holidays, finding out I like things set in my time, my way...sounds so spoiled...no just getting older is all...weeding things out as of that I don't need this, don't like that and this isn't working any more then what's left is what I like and I go and get settled in and then I've got a new day head and the routine is all knocked off kilter with Holiday stuff...terrible that all I want to do is get going on some ideas and put them into action...I can't do what I want.....whining like big baby again.. OK vented that out...or darn I do that? 

I've gotten better as of it's just started now this week prior years it was a good month before the holiday events..but I'm working on my anxiety about it all and plus I've not over booked myself with events and left the time open a bit.. kind of flopping around through till afterwards. 

I have the hardest time being quiet after being so use to full blow busy...

So the brain never shuts down totally...as I was driving home I took a risk and went to Village Hall of Darien and when in side and asked...afraid I would hear no and burst my bubble I went anyways.  I came to the counter and asked the woman if there is an ordinance for having Chickens...yes that's right I asked..and they said there is no ordinance for having chickens in Darien but there is an ordinance for having animals that make loud noises...so no Rooster I guess...can't keep them quiet.

Then later on I was preparing my email blast on the computer for the Tack Down Tuesdays I send out  and received an email announcing that I was accepted for a new book by North light Books that is coming out soon and Three of my big collage made it in...How cool is that?  The book will be called INCITE I believe but more details will come as I receive them too.   Well off to take care of the day and wrap some presents. 


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