Saturday, December 22, 2012

Answering the three most important question to ask.

Why am I?  Here because there's work and service still to be done and contribute to my families well being and theirs.

 Who am I?  A woman with ideas flooding her mind and just can't wait, jumping like a child to share.   Also one that is settling into a inspiring understanding.

Where am I going?  I'm going in a direction of good will.

 There I answered them this morning. I realize that it will change as my own persona changes. As I grow in humanness and abilities so to will they. Do my answers have to be so prolific?  No.

So a year back I had picked the word Relationships and this year the word I wanted to pick was Spirituality... did you catch that.."I wanted to pick"  but what seem to want to make it's self present it Intuitive or Intuitiveness or is it then called Intuition?  Well I feel that by stopping long enough to check in daily and maybe even mores so to a Universal Awareness, God, Great Spirit, Good Orderly Direction I can be more in tune with the "Gut Feelings" that I call Intuitiveness/ Intuition and the more I am in tune to that even if I don't know where I'm to go more always get reveal if I'm patience and aware.

So don't know if a word picks you some say so and for me I do believe it does. So the word Intuitive/Intuition will be.

On to a bit of Yesterday...

I was surprised with an email from a gentlemen that saw my work at the Mayslake Peabody Estate with the AFA and ask if I still had the piece his wife was eyeing up...He said it took him two days to find my information...his wife had tucked that away...So a give of a purchase and a present was made. (got me to quickly clean up the house...had to vacuum up the mud clods from Hank all over, wasn't planning on doing that right away but it's done and thankful for the Animal from Dyson...picks up anything especially in my homestead)

Then I pushed myself to take the steps two cut mat for the new size and presentation I'm planning for the Tack Down Tuesdays  for three months I'm going to try out a collage with mat, glass and frame and see what happens...pushing the envelope I known.. I could put them on Etsy too but need to do more research and haven't had the time. Working towards that.. So Mats and backing are cut for 8 x 8's and 10 x 10's I have 16 of them a few extra for what ever.

I was even inspired to get my butt going on the Mask for DuPage Children's Museum..needs to be back by Jan pressure....(Yikes.. new class starting, exhibit to hang, Ill state taxes need to get done all in Jan and lets just pop out a mask too, call me crazy or passionate...I'll go for the passionate which looks like Crazy.)


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