Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Whim

Pulling from The 12 secrets of Highly Creative Woman...

Intuition is your interanl information and feeling source. It is an inner Library of physical and emotional  cues that can direct you onto  the right avenue. It is the composite of "gut feelings" and perceptions unique to you. it is an inner way of knowing. Too oftend, we are trained to discount or repress that knowledge and therefore purposely neglect it, devalue it, or refuse to recognize it's message.

So add that to some creativity... And The creative process demands it..that is the intuition, it's a place that you have to be willing to step into the unknown and see what happens. Creativity is born of inspiration and your inspirations evolve from you passions. So follow you whims and see where they lead.

Picture of a Whim....


Anyone have some great site or book about raising chickens please the gathering of Information mode...then need to do pro's and con's and present it to the know the Most Interesting Man...he speaks Reindeer. 

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