Monday, November 05, 2012

Too Blog or not to Blog daily ?

Full of some mixed emotions...

Right away the inner critic started to question if I doing it right or not.  After listening to Jane Hamell, who I've heard before and again have to say is a great speaker and knows her stuff..I end up feeling like I'm not doing it right and then the spiral of lashes start...

Crazy no, just going to though the gamut of garble in my head.

There are so many great marketing ways to do things out there but I'm brought back to keeping things more authentic in some way.  If we all jump on and did it the same way it would get boring very fast so without beating myself up on what I'm not doing as was shared yesterday. Moving forward and to be gentle on myself and let it calm down is the inner advice I'm scrabble feeling of shame, you know the kind of hurt...damn I'm not doing it right or I'm not doing enough....I've been working on this basket of emotions for some time, heck I think we all carry it around, some of us- like myself more so. 

One of the things brought out is about blogging...I've been blogging for about 7 years...long time.  The blogging has helped me work on my writing, daily and some days I fall short and other days I'm "Jane on spot" with things.. but it's something I do personal as much as sharing outwardly.

What is a blog it business or personal?  Good questions what should it be....oh there you go the word should so close to shame.. Well should you post or write on your blog once a week or once a month and what if you write on it every day.... like myself? 

You know blog serves many purposes.  When I was teaching super heavy I used to post lessons on or How too's for the students.  As a introspective tool for sorting out my thoughts. Then as a writing tool which is still on going for me.

So I'm not sure if I'll back off from my daily blogging it's become a nice morning routine or part of my morning meditation. (the choice and freedom to pick and choose)

There was so much great information shared though yesterday that I'm sure I'll be integrating it into things little by little.. but a great one is FOCUS she shared us creative types even herself are all over the board...Heck, one of the Chicago Expo conferences I was at had a person share about having a lot of streams of income, artist types seem to need that...and now it's about seeing what happens if we focus on one something for three months  and say no to the others.

Great things can happen for sure.  I have a small experience when I focus on making a body of work...I cut out the teaching of classes which was hard to do I love being in the class room weekly and sharing  and then watching and witness the creative student grow and explore but my time was what I need to work on for the big collage pieces so I cut that teaching of classes out for a while and only doing workshops... Its gave me a good block to time to put the focus into play. So I have evidence it works. 

Well I've got some ideas in the works and would love to focus more on that and see what happens but it's about what your traffic will bear as of what you're willing to do and stick to it  as of having the determination to keep it up to see where it will take you.

Till now I'll be a daily blogger and see what happens. Grateful that I have the opportunity to do what I do. 

I'm almost thinking of giving Jane a call and seeing what a good session with her would guide me to...that would for sure be a big jump...been doing it solo with books, magazines and some sit in lesson time at area expo's with a networking group...I wonder? One of those wishes...If I could do anything without feeling a gamut of garbled emotions what would it be? 

Well I have a wonderful opportunity judge a show at Hinsdale Hospital today with the National Arts Program..something new and great for the atmosphere there...



  1. I read your blog every time you post. I enjoy it very much. Especially when you post process shots of your work. I love those. Of course I will always miss those tutorials that you had to remove but the process shots are real teaching moments.

    Don't stop.

  2. Thanks not going to much a good routine for me...but thinking of some e-book action...funny when you hear of this suggestion again again...time soon to light a fire under the butt..

  3. Oh I would buy an e-book from you for sure. You have so many great ideas for making papers. I just made some string paper according to your instructions. I love that stuff. Very cool.

  4. I admire that you post every day and think you are incredibly disciplined to do so and I always enjoy whatever you have to offer. Of course you must do what is best for you. I'll be following.

  5. Me too, Laura. Love your daily blogging. Feels like we are talking, even if I don't see you that day.


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