Tuesday, November 13, 2012

time is wasting.....

Yes time is wasting away here as I type on my computer...because out of habit I've been doing this daily entry for way too long and I can't bring the habit so I'm going with it.

 Yesterday after spending an embarrassing long time cleaning my kitchen I slipped in a walk in the woods...it was getting a bit dark with the clouds so I only went one time around. As I was finishing up I saw these eyes looking at me..smelling the air...I am amazed at the time you can stand there get your phone out talk the lovely four legged creature and take a few picture. it's  a blessing is all I can say. 
I didn't have time to post this photo of a buck walking across my path head down on a mission to find the his mate for the season...which I just passed down around the corner.. He too stopped and I was about to snap a few pictures of him...the deer seem to be an animal that plays a big part in my dailiness as of when I walk in the woods I always seeing them, then I'm looking for them too.

Well on with this day...I didn't do anything more on the mask but I did pull out another big canvas to start building up the layers of polymer medium too. She's got a good thick coat on and I'll try to put another one on today...Like to have it prepared so when the moment strikes I'm ready.

going to head out and see some art today at McCord and Caribou Coffee with some other wifely things to do.. hoping to get the window's washed...dont' know why..and may change my mind as Hank like to live his nose print on everything...or a slobber flung and we didn't see it...gross I now but part of the live of a Great Dane...Love spread all over the place.

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