Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Step by step...it's called Progress

 Yesterday I was able to tack down the Indigo stained tissue paper with the re enforcement rings sandwiched in between the sheets of tissue paper.  You can see hints of them I'm sure. I mixed up some Payne Gray and Glazing medium and added and subtracted the glaze with paper towel..seems like a waste of paint I know but I get to rub it in and take off some and it unifies the color in away hard to describe. 
 Different angel  this compositional layout will be a bit different then what I normally use, it's a Central Orientation.  It will be smack dab in the middle so to say...well that's the plan.
Normally my glazing is in Raw umber or black but this one will call for the Payne's Gray...I'm excited to see what will come of it..
 A Glazing of the papers is usually done all together after I tack them down but that's for the smaller sizes when I work with them. As for the larger collages I'm taking it step by step and making sure I have a good coat of glazing and polymer after each applications to ensure a good fusion later.
I've been working on this piece in about 1/2 hour to an hour intervals ..seems that's what time will allow. 

After I got my body away from the computer I'll be working on my exhibit for the Oesterle Lib. Gallery...I need to have it all figure out by Dec 3 and sent in so they can have time to do the title cards extra and my mailing list...not the stuff I get excited about, but you got to do it and get it done or you can't work with the gallery people. So small steps will be worked out today I'll be pulling out the art and making some choices...got to watch out for the piece I've submitted into other shows so I don't cross over and over commit them...that would not be a good things.

Well moving on and moving off..

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