Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One flopped out of four

I was able to head to the woods and do my walk then to the market again...thinking I had everything..but I keep forgetting even with a list or I find I needed something else.  Any ways I made it home to start making the bread dumplings.. and I wanted to make three but when I put one in the boiling water for some reason it just spread out and I had a flop so I had to make another one. I did some other preparing of veggies, chopping and cleaning.  Then my oldest daugther Stevie stepped in and did her stuff of making some Lime bars and two apple pies. I came in after that when I finished the Tack Down Tuesday piece and took the skins off the sweet potatoes..I pre bake them and then cut them up on Thursday morning well you all know how that goes. 

So on with today...making some fudge and picking up some work at Osio Brown, I have three pieces in there and getting prints of them..One of them I have to send an image to North Central College for the show I'm having in Jan 2013...so always working on something.

Ok got to go, drop off second oldest at the train....

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