Thursday, November 29, 2012

off and on with the day...drama today in the action and Lights

Sat behind the computer way to long yesterday....need to get out...going to the woods this morning and then to the studio this afternoon...need the balance of the two.

going out to live the dream..

Well did the walk and got to the studio.. I've tacked the periwinkle blue to the indigo blue tissue paper on the canvas, brought in some wax crayon action and then stitched up some of the cream papers with the sewing machine and glazed it with Payne's gray and glazing medium..letting it dry so I tack it down. Also preparing the other swatches of paper and the red/orange for tomorrow's studio time. I need to add in the papers that I also have drying with polymer..that color will be teal..can't wait to see how it plays off of each other.

 Treated myself today.. bought some white lights for the kitchen when I sit in the morning doing my Morning Pages and computer work..I'm thinking they will stay up til after Jan..well that's a plan.

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