Sunday, November 11, 2012

Doing the right thing

I have to share this because I believe more of this kind of action needs to be taken.....The husband and I went for a motorcycle ride early for breakfast and well we look for a place to go to that's a bit of ride, for us it was Cracker Barrel on Weber Road off of I55.  So we take the back roads and found a lake with a dog park and some awesome paths...Whalon Lake  I would like to treat myself to that this week some time but with holiday and 30 some people possible coming to our home this Thanksgiving this pack rat needs to focus on cleaning clutter and what not.. Any ways it was beautiful to find this and we carried on with our ride to Cracker Barrel.

We pull up and park, headed in, and see a bit of a crowd already and we wait to be seated...We're then seated and I'm sitting there feeling funny after the ride on the bike like I'm in slow motion..In the mean time another couple sits down across the way but close enough to hear me it's like going supper fast and then so slow..and Randy could see this couple turn their heads so quick and look at I was looking at the menu...

Well this couple decided to check their phones and get anxious...then they got up Randy said and wanted to sit somewhere else...Guess at that point they wanted faster service.  In the mean time the waitress was bringing out a row of tables their food, tiny thing she was..  Well I guess this couple didn't get served fast enough over where they moved to cause then Randy saw them talk to the General Manager and leave...

Next thing we know the tiny waitress come to our table to take our order in tears...she explains and is sorry for not getting to us sooner.  We hear her story of what happened.. Well she take our order and leaves...we reassure her it will be all right.  We talk about what happen..Randy explained to me what this couple was doing and I said you know it all started with me sharing to you how I felt after getting off the bike this morning and this couple over heard me say this and thought it was about the waitress services...

When the waitress came to serve us our food we explained what we felt was the start of this and she was delighted to hear it and we said we want to talk to the manager when we leave to explain. 

The manager came over and we shared our story and then the waitress came back out and she shared with us that he was so red and said he was so sorry for yelling at her...Randy gave her a great big tip and we felt good for making a change that made a difference and got people to see it's not about who has the money and the most phones and how important you need to be out there and served...Heck we said if they wanted that quick of services they were at the wrong place...McDonald's is right down the street.  I think they time the turn around of the orders too...they have a limited time the can take.

The manger said they had to be at the airport so blah..blah.. blah...that's not the waitress problem you can't manage your time wisely...heck people have to be more responsible for them selves and just stop this fool ass behavior.. As you can tell it really chaps my goat..

So then we get back and it's nice and I decide to walk the dogs..Hank first so we can go longer. Our Carl can't go as far...little old elder dog legs verses a giant gate from Hank...doesn't work well.. So second time around with Carl we walk pass this woman I see often but she's dog less.  Well for 13 years her and her husband have been walking this Rhodesian Ridge "Shamus"  and back...3 Weeks ago they had to put him she was in tears as she shared her story and I listened...and Carl laided down off the leash and was our trusted companion for the moment...I shared that I've been through many a dogs and know right where she's at and it's not easy...and it hurts...Heck I told her with Hank our Great Dane everyone tells us right off the bat that you know they don't live long and my gosh they eat so much...well know kidding I know this it's my second Great Dane.. Well others don't know that and can't expect them to..just get a bit testie when other run a muck with their opinions.

After I got back from walking Carl I felt that I was used for something bigger then myself and it mattered.  You know what I mean.  And the last couple of days I've been carrying around the words, " If you want change in your life you have to be it"  so what ever comes with that I'm feel, I'm trying to be the Change I would so greatly seek. 

One never knows when they will be called to "Do the Right Thing"  be it stopping the bullying thing with adults or what... because I really see it as that...



  1. Oh Laura, you are so VERY RIGHT about adults bullying worse than kids. And adults should KNOW BETTER!
    I get fed up with people who think they are *of privilege* whipping out the electronics and making everyone's lives miserable.
    You did indeed do the right thing, and I am proud of you for doing it!
    It's time we of the older school opened our mouths and said what needs saying..... (my DH would say I do that a lot.....)
    Glad you were in and of the universe today, being a channel for kindness. :-)


  2. Thanks Anne, In the book Daring Greatly Brene Brown talks about this. all and how we need to change how we react to others but there's so much more in the book, Grateful I had a chance to so that for that young waitress. Like you did for me..your a sweetie.

  3. You made a difference in two people's lives today just by being there. The expectations of those who think they are entitled have totally gotten out of hand. The world is so fast these days that people can't enjoy the small things. And God bless you for the listening and comfort you gave the dog owner. You could have just walked on by and not be bothered. I think as an artist you are sensitive and aware to your surroundings which is truly a gift,

  4. thanks Carol...we need more people to stand up and make difference all over the place right? I just felt really odd at the end of the day...kind of like wow what just happend today...kind of like none of my own doing but something bigger for sure. Grateful I could be of service that day...that's what it felt like.

  5. You do make a difference to so many people. Thanks for always being there!


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