Monday, November 12, 2012

Crazy cleaning lady starts up her broom

Staring the holiday cleaning...
Crazy that I let it go so long but folks when people ask, " Gosh Laura how do you do it all..?  well I let it go that is the major homestead cleaning. Since I took over the Thanksgiving dinner about 10 years ago..Wow, has it been that long?  Well since then I had to move things around to fit in the family coming over. We have both side every other year and some neighbors too. Expected 30 people I don't know how we will make it all but we the men folk start to clean the garage too because we all sit in there with table to table butted up. So the cleaning begins.   I started with the ceiling in the Kitchen and work my way really needs a new coat of paint but that's a week long project that I don't have time for that now but maybe after the first of the year.  Then the cabinets and down to the floor and the rest of the normal homestead cleaned through out the week.  The kids hate as I make them do something when the barely have they say but I crack the whip and it's all ready every year for this wonderful time together with family.

Beside doing all this cleaning...I have to stop into Caribou Coffee (hanging art there possibly in Dec.) and see how things are hung and then I need to get an image for a postcard to North Central College in Naperville for a show that will be hung of my work mid Jan....And I some how need to take a afternoon to see some work at McCord place and a place in Oak Park...Yikes!!! Wednesday looks good, but you know I love it all, a challenge to accomplish these tasks...

So with all that... I'm out of here today..Busting a move with my Cleaning Lady mindset, you know the one juggling it all..and asleep by 9:00pm.

Oh I was able to start my mask I need to finish by the end of the month  don't  know what I'm to do with it but I torn some book pages and glued it on..feels good that I made that small step..the rest will flow I'm sure..


  1. I'd be happy so send my address to the Cleaning Lady... ;-)
    Wouldn't it be wonderful to have the folks without having to do all the cleaning?
    I am in pre-holiday freak out mode already, and we're not having anyone in. I'm just WAY BEHIND.
    GO GIRL GO!!!


  2. I guess you just get more ambition around the holidays; they're energizing, I think. And what a nice day, Laura! 30 people! Lots of nice memories being made. Good for you! This year we have our Thanksgiving dinner this Saturday (different schedules with the two little ones this year), but it's all about being together, isn't it.

  3. that it is April.. being thankful and the connections with belonging to and part of..

    I'll have do a raffle or something and put your name in the hat for next year cause as soon as this holiday is passed I fall back in to the same way...just the basics but I could thinking about this changing this for next year. works wonders when I stay away from sitting behind the computer.. I used to be on it all the time but not as of the last 7 years or so...I know where I need to make the changes.


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