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Monday, November 19, 2012

Breaking it down...small steps

Today starts the week where I as many other start preparing for the thanksgiving meal.  I have a large group of family and friends coming this year and that means will I have enough food?  So I've cooked  one turkey yesterday and made gravy and will cook the other one on the day of Thanksgiving.  The polish side in us/me likes to have the bread dumplings and the stuffing/dressing and sauerkraut plus all the other good foods so I'll be making the bread dumplings which have been handed down to me by my mother in law. I think they are bohemian..so that's also another side of the family culture...big Carb-eaters...Comfort foods...mmmm. 

I got up way to early today and was circling the wagons about some new opportunities that are coming my way.. Out in West Chicago there's a gallery and group of people interested in me coming out there to teach workshop...and then I need to speak to North Central College about the possibly  there too.

All good...

Well going to keep the body moving and get a walk in today and the studio time to do my tack down Tuesday.

much to be thankful for this year....


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