Wednesday, October 31, 2012

to the woods again...

With the morning yesterday of running around as of taking the Second oldest to the train and then coming home loading up the big guy and taking him to the Vet, by the time I got home I was off kilter...then the tree trimmers came...Now we don't normal have anyone come and do this kind of stuff but the trees are tall and need some trimming so the husband came across this company on the job and called them. Fred came out last week to look at things...When we were ready we called him but didn't hear from him till yesterday morning when I got back with Hank...Fred said he be right over so we were prepared for them as they need to have a big truck come in and trim closer to the top of the tree. (along side the north side of the house by the's all cleaned out now)  Used my time wisely while they were here and tiddied-up the house and had my dishes and floor all clean.

Funny how one gets locked into a routine and then one thing or in my case a few knocks me off. 
So I've been walking the dogs but not me in the woods. Heading out there this morning and then I'm invited to be a judge of a show next Monday, that will be hanging at Hinsdale Hospital...more details as  I find out today when I meet up with exciting to be invited in the community to help out.. well I truly am very excited..

Ready for some woods medicine to balance off this gals inners.

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