Thursday, October 25, 2012

Packing today...

Packing up for the Workshop this Sunday..yes a few days' early but this way I can see if there's something I forgot or still need to studio is full I never unpacked or put things away from Freeport.. Mainly because I'll need it for this weekend. 

I went to Blick's yesterday..and quickly wandered around but purchased some more paint for the workshop..the Stained Tissued paper making section of the workshop really needs the Golden fluids. The paper works best when you can see through..well my thoughts on that for what we need in the workshops.. but I have used other paints that make it opaque and it still creates some great papers.

Feeling a bit lost too as I've not personally connected with my own art and the big canvases so the fight inside to do that is really big...gets me a bit goofy when I have an idea and can't get to the surface to play it out...but soon I have to tell myself and have patience for that.

Well enough computer stuff time to bust a move....

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