Friday, October 19, 2012

Package in the Mail and Leaving for Freeport today

 Wow, when I saw the package I know what it was...seems that I filled out a submission form some time ago and never heard from them....I actually cleaned out my fold that would have housed this form just a month ago..I thought it was a lose or they didn't receive my on-line submission I filled out.
 For the children's Discovery Museum a project has been going on since April 2012...that's why thought now October it was lost or something...but No  I was surprised to see this.

 I have to read all the instructions and stuff but that I'll have time to get into when I get back from this weekend...
As I quickly scanned over the paper work the date is what I was looking for and found it...Nov. 30 I've got to have it back to them...Yikes!  right away I went into the thinking I won't have time...I can't do this..then I reminded myself...honey you can do a big piece of art in two weeks this is a piece of cake...right now thoughts are rolling in and I'll be in the mode of thinking for  awhile as I gather...not sure what I'll do but it's an exciting place to be in...My name was passed along from Naperville Art League...thank you Debbie and Laura for thinking of me.

Now All supplies are packed and I need to tend to my personal needs and what to bring along..I got the cheaper room so no I'll have to eat fresh and raw and maybe go out a bit here and there... but I don't like to do all starts to taste the of no taste.

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  1. What fun, I can't wait to see what you do. Maybe while you're in your room this weekend with your fresh veggies you can come up with an idea! Have a great workshop!


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