Saturday, October 20, 2012

Here in Freeport IL

A good nights sleep and ready to go... the workshop space is all set up and looking forward to starting this morning. Freeport is a very old town as I drove up here I was blessed with the color not super bright color but the lovely grays and rusty reds and brown with hints of the green still and then flashes of yellow and orange.  I enjoyed being on the road to see it.

I have a smaller group of people this time, only 4 hoped for more but didn't want to not teach it some people were coming in for further away.

Had a wonderful dinner with Barry Treu and his daughter at a lovely little town eatery with live music...atomsphere was very warm and comforting on a cool fall night...headed home to watch a bit of TV to unwind and off to bed I went..

Well going to go find some coffee and get myself in gear and put my game face on..

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