Thursday, October 18, 2012

Getting ready for Freeport IL

Day of Packing...I have a small group then normal but I'm still excited to met them and share creativity this weekend..been a while so I'm also itching to totally focus on art this whole weekend. The husband said he might come up to visit me on Saturday morning or Sunday morning for Breakfast...that would be great...Have to see how the weather is. 

Not much else going on...coated an new canvas to get it ready for the next big piece...I'll have two more after that and I've finished my 12 canvases. 

After this week I've got to get going on a few workshops for next year..Two for Dillman's on in May and one in October..both collage but each one is a bit different I figure.  That's what I have to work on when I get back and I heard from Lubznik Art Center in Michigan City they are interested in a keeping a flow going..

Off to take the dogs to the dog park and then start packing..

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