Saturday, October 06, 2012

Day after

All the nervous anxiety that goes into one event is surprising.  Or it is just me?  No I don't think so, it stems for me from wanting it all work out smoothly and with out any mishaps..and that is did last night..smooth as butter and with much gratitude to all the family, friends and hopefully new friends.

The husband snapped this photo of the gallery space. Up front is where my works are for the featured artist exhibit.  So if I misinformed you all that I had the whole hahaha, I could have filled it with the art work I have but that wasn't my intention with this exhibiting of my work.. Wonderful evening and so grateful to all that came and showed their support. Some of you got to meet the Most Interesting Man alive...hahaha My husband Randy and my oldest Daughter Stevie.  The husband heard that they know about him already...yes dear from my blog here..I ramble on about you all in good fun with lots of love.

Well now that the big event night has passed I'm back in the saddle of tending to the basics and getting back up stairs..I've had a large piece calling all week long.


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