Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 2 -Freeport Collage Workshop

Bette, is working on the small exercise I have everyone do before we get started on a larger piece..there challenging and fun to work that small..3 x 3.
Pam, is working on her small exercises too.

Mary Ann, has the tack iron going fusing her papers to the small exercise format.

After the design and papers are fused down and cooled the next step is to add a glazing of color for the all the papers capturing the torn edges..this techniques brings unity to the work.

Working with the papers we made in the workshop and the found papers each student brought to add in to their work, they really turned out some amazing pieces.

Pam working on her next larger piece here.  She's got an ideas and she great at taking the risk and going with it..
Some of the finished works.
 Bette's pieces
 Bette has a new grand baby come shortly so she's making a piece of artwork for here..

 Pam's abstract landscape

 Mary Ann's abstract landscape is wonderful...she's our quiet bird of the bunch knocked out some amazing collage pieces too.
Something went wrong with the blogger up load photo got turned side ways...maybe to many photo up loaded at once.  but I wanted to show the small exercise piece the girls did. 

Recap of the weekend...
Warm people to work with at the Freeport Art Museum, Barry Treu is working hard at bring in more workshops to the area.  The Freeport Art Museum has the space and the town has the wonderful old feeling to it so soon I'm sure there will be more workshop popping up there.   Easy lower floor to roll in or carry in your supplies..that's a plus especially if you're taking one of my workshops, we seem to need stuff to create know all that good kind of stuff to glue on and create some awesome papers with for collaging.   Right now till November 10th there is a Collage Exhibit of works from the Midwest Collage Society.  A must see exhibit. For more information about Freeport Art Museum check it out..


  1. Your workshop looks great! Really nice pieces! And you got your walks in and saw an eagle!

  2. I see where you use a glaze after the collage is finished to unite the piece. I was wondering about that since I dislike having white showing where I have torn the paper. What do you glaze with? I don't want the color to be altered too much on the work. Just to alter the white torn edges. Any help is appreciated.

  3. Hi Roberta, I just use an acrylic that is right for the collage like brown or black, sometimes a mixture of black and green or black and brown and a baby wipe and damb a bit of the acrylic on and rub the edge of the papers and then if it's to much I can wipe it off some what..but the raw edge of the paper will take the acrylics right away..but with the papers all coated with polymer medium it doesnt' soak in right a way and I have time to pull of the acrylic if I don't like it.. hope this helps.

  4. Oh thank you so much Laura. I was painting the edges right after tearing them and it was taking me forever to get anything done. I knew there had to be an easier way! Have fun this weekend. I wish I lived closer so I could take one of your workshops.


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