Monday, October 29, 2012

A few photo's LaGrange Art League- Collage Workshop

Lisa in the back with the red apron on is the only one I didn't get a photo of her sorry was a full day and just at the end of the day I realized I didn't take any photos of the day...not that I have to but I like to share... And in sharing so many photo's all the time I had to clean out behind the scenes so to say of the blog here...I had a lot of photos and spilled over and out of my free alotted space here on the google and blogger amount so time to toss out.. but left room for photos from yesterday...I work these gals long and hard...cracking the whip on them and look there's still smiling...guess I didnt do to bad.  Now to see if I remember everyone's name. 

Sweet Maxine
 Lou Ann
And Linda...
there I think I remember...

Now off to shower and head into the city then up to the studio to put away all the workshop supplies and start on my two for tuesday of buy one tack down tuesday and get one free.


  1. Wow ! They did such awesome work !!! Obviously, they were all very inspired by their talented and generous teacher !
    Happy MOnday !

  2. Beautiful little landscapes! I can see everyone was happy!

  3. Thanks Ladies but I can't take all the credit these women had it in them from the start, I felt it.


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