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Sunday, September 09, 2012

 Outdoor Studio is Open and what a great day it was yesterday... so many people came out and a few walked away with a nice selection for their homes or early holiday shopping I hear a few say.

 As you drive up to the homestead this is what you will see.

And you enter the driveway.. I have today as my last day for the show this year and then it's week long process of take down..I'm so grateful I don't have to rush...I'm Home!!

I might have to compete with the Bears Game but I'll have my Game Face on too. So I'll see what trouble I can get into..or not.

Again thank you all for stopping by it was a wonderful day and you all made it even brighter.


  1. Such a wonderful display Laura...and great weather. A wonder you had any left, you do such beautiful work.

  2. Hi Jo...
    Thanks I had hope to move more out but just have to find the right person for each piece and I hear it may take about 10 years..hahaha.


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