Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Oh the winds...Mother Nature-Art and Darien Fest

Well funny thing is I had thought I was secured the layout of the tents...but was surprised at 11:00 pm when a gust of wind came in lifted my one tent and almost flipped it grateful for not having my artwork in there yet...though there are some tubs of work in there nothing hanging on the walls yet.. amazed at how fast the family came running downstairs to help. Oh the dear husband tired from the drive 6 hours down south and no sleep the night before...(our house guess, Hoby seems to like to be active around 1:30 and carried that on till I woke up around 4:30) So the husband jumped in and was sweat talking the tents and the wind...still didn't change anything...we strapped things down a bit better...I don't know what I was thinking...Guess it was the thought of being at home and safe and nothing can hurt me...silly me.

My saga of this week continues on...with the amount of artwork I plan on bring out for show...(note that word again....Plan)  Mother Nature and the winds will have to be dealt with as best I can...As I'm watching a line of clouds come in from the west...but the positive side of this is the cooler weather...Oh to have some cooler weather.  I have rolls of drop clothes to throw over things to help protect from moisture that might slip in here and there.. 

So I'm not complaining just stating facts...the tent raising took about four hours with adjusting  and making sure there was room for vehicles and motorcycle to get by. I accomplished it...So when setting this up it's not like a art fair with one tent and your gear/art-extra it's a whole lot more...Then why do it?  Good questions..Over 8 years ago I watched people come by the house on this week of Darien Fest and wondered...What if...there's that question... What if I set up my tents and have a show/art fair of my work right here on my property?  So that began the journey to find out how I could do that and if I could... So this will be the 5th year and I think the last year....I accomplish what I set out to do and also my tents the oldest one is seeing it's last year I think...the frame work is sturdy but the vinyl top and sides are about to say good-bye. Way to expensive to by a new top and sides now..

Artist are at the mercy of the customers and the weather when they go out and do art fairs or Outdoor events...why do we do it?  because it's a way for people -our customer to see the art all in one place at events set up for just that..seeing and purchase Fine Art to energize their homes and souls. Well that's my take on it...not that it's right our wrong lets just say my experience on it..

Time to put the hanging wire on the back of my one big piece...when I go and pick-up my three piece out in South Barrington today(end of a showing time) I will swing around and hopeful drop off my piece at Osio-Browns to get photographed and then head home to work on damage control and see what I can do about the rest of the day at lest to bring the art out or start setting up something...I know two more days but when you're the boss, employees and goofer you start earlier to get it all done...there's the martyr thing again...(hand on forehead wiping just stating the fact, my fact as I live them...and onward one goes..  


  1. Best of luck with your show!

  2. I love your Freudian slip (third to last line) where you refer to yourself as a "goofer!" Ha! You made my morning....

  3. Oh you caught that did you Carol L. to funny..and thanks both of you for you kind to bring out the art today.


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