Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Morning readings...

I've been using my morning time for good positive information and what I'm find it the need for a bit of change.  Oh there's change happening all around me all the time in fact to all of us it's happening..Heck even the weather is doing that.  I wanted to sit outside this morning to witness change at a wonderful level..with the my senses.  Sound of the geese flying over head the wild life in the early morning hours scurring about. And even at 9:00pm at night we had a howl fest of coyotes right across the street in our Dale Basin, which is full of cattails and the water is very low with the lact of the howled from all directions and then came together in a wonderful chours of evenign song.  As quickly as it started it stopped.. done. It got me all excited for more but not more till early morning with the other creatures. Our neighbor raked up three piles of pears and the four legged night deweller love to come in for the freebies.  Hank is young and hears them wakes me up to go out..little do I know to snort and bark about the other four legged ones.  Silly guy...

Well get back to my morning readings. For me I'm ready for the information from Happier at Home but others might not be... Gretchen shared her commandments and I shared them here.

Now I share my personal ones.

1. Be Laura
2. Don't take it personal
3. Don't react
4. Act with love
5. Step back, see the bigger picture
6. enter into interests of another
7. Make a healthier choice at lest 85% of the time
8. Let go, let it be
9. Don't try to fix it just listen
10. Give what you would like to receive but don't expect anything in return
11. Accept it is what it is and quiet trying to change it to you liking.
12. Give more hugs and kisses. 

Oh I'm sure there is more but this is the many list I would like to remember for myself.  Just with all the New information coming in lately during my morning reading and jounaling time-which in fact is nothing new mind you just I'm willing to be the student about. Something happened yesterday that I'm going to share.

I was out making my granny run rounds in the woods and going a different time you meet new people out there.  So with my second time around I come in sight with three younger I move over to the right side as we come closer the one young woman doesn't move or make any attempt to make room for all us to stay on the path..and anticipate that she would I almost hit her...and the react was nicely, unexpectedly and loudly I said "excuse me."  My first reaction after that was right away to a negative thought...heck who does she think she is...we are all out there for the same thing, fresh air, mind cleaning clutter and exercise so what's up with the mind was wondering in the deeper pool of negative thought and I realized it...and stopped myself..feeling a bit ugly and I also noticed because my steps and movement was out of balance.. I quickly decided to put myself in the "not to take it personal and don't react mode" and as I came around for the last time for me I has a healthier attitude about it and thought well I pass with kindness and wouldn't you know it she moved in and we passed and I commented with It's it beautiful out here.  The passing was one of heighten moment and response was one of smiles and giggles with agreement.   

Being more aware of myself and how I personal react to on auto pilot to the dumper in thought I'm amazed at how some very small thinking changes has made me awesomely aware.  Now the challenge is what to do with the new the teacher, Good old Dude upstairs has made this schooling opportunity it a shall I respect it and use it to learn more.

Oh a little article in the tribune this morning.. Lifelong friends..

Off to complete yesterdays tasks and move on to some fun this afternoon. Not sure what but I'm staying open for a little bit if it.


  1. Yesterday while driving, my husband stopped well back so that a woman driving a senior citizens van could make a turn in front of us. It was a kind thing for him to do. She made the turn safely, scowling all the while, and never smiled nor raised her hand in thanks. And we both sarcastically yelled (in our closed car), "You're WELCOME!"

    My first inclination is to take it personally -- what an oblivious, self-centered person she must be not to acknowledge a kindness. It was only later that I thought well, maybe she's having a horrible day. Maybe the van's acting up and she was worried. Then again, maybe she's just a jerk! It has NOTHING to do with me (or my spouse). Taking it personally diminishes me, you know?

  2. Thanks for the Story Carol..taking it personally it something to work on.


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