Saturday, September 08, 2012

It's happening again....

As I sit back this morning doing my morning pages in my journal...that's-dumping the unwanted circling junk in my head on the pages.. it always leaves room for ideas to flood in...and boy do they flood in...I'm drawing out ideas for a workshop and then I'm wishing I was in my studio working on the next this point with a series of work I started I sometimes tire out and question why I'm doing it.. it is different with this pieces though...just got the idea to make a book of them..Well anyways then I receive an email with the article from a book that my work was published in...Great job to Geri and Paula here.  In the Suburban Life Newspaper.

So the mind is racing with ideas...seems to happen when I get going on one event and accomplish it the Big Man upstairs in the Big Sky Country says...Honey I'm not done with you yet..not that I'm going be leaving any time soon but I seem to get a flood of ideas...and that's what keeps me moving forward and needing to Bust a Move...I listen and try them out and sometime change my mind and decide not to do something or an event but then something always opens with that I listen to my Stone I pull from my big bowl this says "Let it unfold."  Hmmm can I do that?? tough one for this gal as I'm always thinking... but there are somethings going on in my life that the best plan is to let it unfold so guess I'll listen to it..

Had a great day yesterday with the first of three days at the 5th Outdoor Studio Exhibit...Dang it's so hard to climb the mountain though to get to this point...Call me crazy but as long as the family doesn't boot me out...darn I say I'll be doing next stressful though got to be honest.. so many unpredictable moments with weather... Let it unfold..  I really wish more artists in the area would join in though...I reached out some what, but who knows...?

I did have the ex Mayor of the Darien come by..bragging here, they have a piece of my work that was commissioned for them some years was really a delight to see them..

Thanks all for stopping by and selecting a few of my pieces.  to the cooler weather today and the treat of relief that it brings.. I know the chipmunks, woodpeckers and nuthatches know of this change way before we did.. been watching them gather.

Ok got to get a move on here..shower, breakfast and roll up the sides. Day two is about to begin.

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