Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hunker Down in the Studio

 Between time in the woods and time in the is good.  My next piece here you see is called filling the void. First layer of papers are down and then next step will be the glazing and then adding the small details..I've till Friday to finish it and have it dried and ready to be photographed.  Hope among hope I get it done..

I've been working from smaller composition I've done and bring them larger.. I'll see today where this will take me..But first to the woods.. then the homestead stuff and then to the studio this afternoon.  but you never know I just might mix that up and go to the studio first.

Been working on the computer this morning submitting area art centers my proposed workshop ideas..but not heard back...there seem to be space and schedule conflicts lately with the all the classes being hoping some of my ideas might be accepted.

Proposed workshop ideas
 Jan-Feb 2013 a 6 week intensive collage workshop-at Naperville Art League
  March 2013 a 4 week workshop-Naperville Art League
 April three day workshop 19th, 20th, and 21st.
waiting for approval

and LaGrange Art League..possible Prayer flag workshop..2013

and at Mayslake..
Art Journaling and a Artist Way course.

all wating to hear back...getting next year set.     

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