Friday, September 28, 2012

flood of ideas and daring greatly.

I woke up this morning with a flood of ugly self doubt. I did my morning pages and stayed on them till the thinking started changing.  Wow, don't know where that seeped in but with realizing it was all crap stored up and need to be pour out on the page in a safe place.   My stone I picked this morning from my big pottery bowl on the center of the kitchen table read "Ignore all critics"  I couldn't have picked a more perfect stone. 

When I drove out to Indiana the other day and swung around to Hyde Park Art Center I had moments of a inner critic trying to seep in and I quickly smacked that out of the way with what my horoscope said about taking an adventure, be excited and make some changes for you future goals.( have ideas about what I want to do but with my scatter mind and brain I seem to never pinpoint things but I get there some how-goals that is.)  With that simple line of words it gave me great strength to do it any way because I have nothing to loose by doing it and I was filled with new images, new encounters and great things to share with my family.  Just loved the experience with the huge balloons..what fun to feel young again.

So I do my morning readings from a few mediation books and the book that I'm reading now.. Happier at Home ( I read it slowly and bring it to my day, you know the kind of learning where you have to touch, write it down, smell it and taste it kind of to exsorb it from all senses and sides)... Gretchen shares this-" I'd realized that I shouldn't focus on having less or having more, but on loving what I had; with time, I thought, I shouldn't focus on doing less or doing more but doing what I valued. 

This statement hangs with me... My values are with the love of my husband through the good bad, ugly and the most interesting-remember now I'm married to the most interesting man alive...hahaha , Then I value my home that he and I created together and our family and how that all functions. Sharing our love through the hard times along with our great achievements.  If taken for grant these things can slip away so quickly and we wonder why and how did it happen, we might point the finger at others but it really starts with us ourselves.. not going to go to deep here.  "Might need a rope to pull me out"

So working hard at typing things up and getting it all organized for the Sunday's hanging I so wanted to blow that part off and be creating a new piece, which this morning I took action on with starting the preparation of coating the canvas with Polymer.

Came down stairs again and checked my emails and was gifted with the Brene Brown read along on her new book...Listened to her little talk on Itunes and was greatly inspired to continue what I do and possibly add some other creative spiritual class/ workshops in..but first things first.. a few goal.

There's a really strong need to be creative and fulfilled with a sense of well being on all fronts which take hard work to do.. along with taking care of yourself and not slacking off and going for the quick fix on how to do it or get by which we forget about how our elders before us worked hard and in that working hard with ($)limits was a process so rich, but we are now advancing but seeking that same richness from the past of family, personal integrity and good whole hearted living.  Ok way to much for the morning hours I know but this is my best time of the day..

Now to run out and pick a piece from the photographer today and check in at LaGrange Art League to check in out my ideas for lay outs.


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