Friday, September 21, 2012

Enjoying old words of wisdom

The book is Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin,
 I have to say it's a younger gal but the importance of how to be happier is something that isn't new, in fact it's so old school and basic but it's worked.  Us humans, me, myself have forgotten bits of it along the way..

Here's one.. She calls it the Sixth Splendid Truth: The only person I can change is myself.  If I want a household with affectionate, encouraging and playful atmosphere, that's the spirit I must bring with me every time I step out of the elevator..(she lives in an apartment)

Old school, if Mama isn't happy ain't nobody happy.  Well something like that...isn't it.? I know there is more to it but it's about give what you want to receive and let go of expectation of if your ever going to receive it back and with out expecting it, it will come back in tons full.   Nothing new but with our fast pass word one can jump on board and forget a good foundation that will sustain you through the thick stuff. 

So along with all of that, there's parts where she shares about some other research she's done and it has to do with the Man and Woman, relationship...This is where Vitamin F is so important for Woman.  As Dr. Oz shared.   Man don't natural complement their wives or give them the support they seem to be looking for so it can cause some areas of conflict.  So the support a woman needs to encourage and grow comes from the woman folk..praise I mean.  Hear me out...When you praise our men folk or symbolically give them gold stars it come back to us in different ways not the same but in equal they may not criticize you or call you out on somethings.  There is more to this but when I read made sense to me...

Say I cut the lawn..I'm a yardy kind of girl, (gardern type)... always have been..and I worked hard all day and there isn't a soul around to say Look what I did..but then maybe it's me that has the problem with seeking approve? (could very well be)  but all I'd be looking for is Wow the yard looks great honey...and I don't hear folk a bit too tired to notice and has the man cave on his mind to go hide out and sort the day out in it and will come out later when all is sorted.  But be it I chat with my woman folk and share and I get the support I need.

Now not that there is problems on the home front here...lets say I came to an Aha moment of understanding... though I kind of knew it but it really sinks in...Go though and try to explain that to your man folk and you've got a big problem as of a woman trying to tell a man how he must behave..not a good topic...

But with this understanding and few other things she points out I already see a change in the relationship and my happiness.  Like make sure you give warm hello's and good byes..easy to do but when your a obsessive worker like me I fall in to a bit of indifference and then later I wonder why the relationship has gone a bit dry or there's not pat on the behind from him to me...

Then just in the past two days I've tried a different thing out.

She talks about "Entering into the interest of others and yet remain true to myself"
This simply state to an old school thought process of Being fully present to another human being...Myself that's a hard one to do...I remember a while back about two years I thought look at someone when your talking to them truly look at them...which what I was seeking was to be present to their being and in the moment...  be truly interested in what they have to say and give that to them.  Unbelievable how that changes the whole moment...Back to I can only change one person and that's myself and by doing that it does have a great effect on many other aspects of my life and my happiness.

off topic but a warm fuzzy for the morning time....

So the photo gal in our happy homestead was racing out of the house to get a coffee and drive to the the city for a photo shoot with her classmate at Columbia College. 

here's the cutest picture.

 Madaline Rose "Maddie"...with hair in curlers, her classmate is a make up artist and he's going to do her up for the photo shoot, so I'm kind of excited to see what happens...I think she said she's suppose to be Jessica Rabbit and he's going to be Batman...they have to then take picture of each other.  Sounds like a fun creative time to me.  Wish them great success at this.

Ok off to get a banner from an exhibit I was jury into awhile back, kind of excited to have it..then I might just swing around to Blick Art Materials or head to some woods out that way and have me a little adventure too.

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