Monday, September 10, 2012

Dabbling in a video

Oh how I hate to expose myself when I'm not perfect...hahaha...when will that every be? that is when I'm perfect..never so now I goofy off and become vulnerable and share my first video  of my studio exhibit..not talking, hate my voice but will have to get over that soon I think. I have a few more and as I get familiar with the system of You Tube I can present this a bit better but for now this weekend it comes to you Raw..jiggly and wiggly..

I've moving slowly this morning because as a friend of mine says..."You don't Got to nothing"  well that's not true but I do have a book club meeting this morning I will be getting read for shortly. 

All the hormonal trauma prior to this was murder...I mean it but I keep going through with hot flashes, anxiety and stress miles high...what  I really needed was a good snap of a rubber band around my wrist to snap me out of it..but it's never that you hang in there get support from friends, and then before you know it..."it" passes and you on your way again with feeling a bit normal as can be..

I'm so grateful that I have this opportunity to use this weekend now for the past 5 years as rotating my stock of art and I have to say more neighbors came by then years in the past...I think my signage helped and of course the big banner out front..Takes a while for the folks to see an annual thing happening when our local Darien Fest happens.. Well best getting going got to bring in the art today and put it away then the tents tomorrow.

A big thank you to all that came out and over to this event and for those that selected a few piece for presents or their home. 



  1. Anonymous10:09 AM

    You are so very hard on yourself Laura! Menopause can be a challenging time. I found black cohosh tincture to be extremely helpful.

  2. That's an extraordinary body of work Laura. I'm surprised you didn't sell more than just 'a few pieces'... beautifully displayed.

  3. thanks for the advice...try it and heated up even worse with back off..each body is different...

    well Jo sold some bigger piece I think I had about 120 piece out there so that's a lot..


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