Saturday, September 01, 2012

Blue Moon Passed

Well that would explain funky behavior.. I would like to blame it on that but I can't..though I did I have two cycles in a month with the the absences of it the last few month so the wacky hormones strike again..chalk one or two up for them... Now what do you do...I go walking and walking keeps me moving forward no matter if I feel stuck or lost...walking seems to help puts the mixed up pieces in line again.....My poor family...thank God they don't take my ramblings serious...

So Rain is to be coming in or not..still it's a change in the air that I experienced this morning. Took the dogs out walking..I'm still in training with Hank and his Cojo issue, when on a leash we're so full it that we look like Cojo and scare the crap out of any one that walks by and me, but I've been working with my behavior as well to calm myself as we funny how he looks to me for my reaction and when I stop that he is unsure about how he should behave that he doesn't do anything which is just what we should be doing when we walk by... so it's working...but he's getting older now over 2 years and hopefully things are sticking better in his head and I'm see my part in the walk and working on that..

and Carl my senior guy is slowing down and we don't walk as far but he love to be out there filling his nose with all that's going on.

Well back to that Blue's said that it's rarity of having a full moon twice in one month is where the Once in a Blue Moon comes from..and because the cycle of  lunar moon is 28 to 29.5 days it's goes in cycles with how a Woman's cycle is pattern every 28 days..well till she's start the change then who know when it comes and that is my case...Why might I be writing about this?  again it's about getting through, understand that uncontrollable aspect of it...And my fight is to try to control in control of how I feel and have it will be done with on my comand......hahaha..another thing I'm getting laughed at from above.

Last night I caught the end of the Sandra Bullock Movie 28 days...hmmm what's that all about..well the end of the movie she decides that this relationship with the old boyfriend isn't what she wants so she has to ask for help when she runs outside and is standing next to this horse...and one of the tricks is the animals know when you are in balance with yourself...and the test is to have the horse trust you so that you can pick up their foot, you know like a Farris (horse shoeing man) would...well she could never do it...till this point in the movie (of course)  she touches the horses back and then down its back leg to the ankle and foot and tries to won't allow it..then she get frustrated and yells up..."I could use a little Help here"  and then a moment of centering and the boyfriend is watching and being  a jerk, she continues and knows that she needs help and needs this to work..and touches the horse back and slides her hand down the back leg again and to the ankle and the miracle happens the horse trust her and lifts it foot...she knows right then and there she will be OK and she won't need to drink to deal with life...the Movie is a favorite of the girls in our homestead as we are all big Sandra Bullock fans.

So hoping to chat with an old friend today and then tending to the homestead and bills...some food shopping and sorting through the art work and getting that ready. 


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  1. I was so hoping to see the Blue Moon last night, but we had Isaac's cloud cover, at least until I crashed out for the night. And today doesn't look too promising either.
    But Laura, wouldn't that double full moon make for some cool collage inspiration?
    And maybe that helps explain my less than stellar mood of late....thank heavens Gary knows what to listen to and what to totally IGNORE!
    Okay, typing everything backwards~~outta here!



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