Monday, September 03, 2012


Acceptance-To accept the things as they are and not to try to change it to My/your liking.  Well my antics have not been the best lately and the beating up fell right in there with the self doubt..but thankful that has passed...How can I say is how it works for I like it when go through it? No do I wish it differently? Sure.  Thing is it is what it is...and from that What was I learning..Dang I wish my learning didn't have to go through this process..isn't there a simpler way?  For me I'm not me a thick head and a stubborn one at that...I always felt like a baseball player up to bat...three strikes Honey and YOUR not beating myself up...

I forget...and get stuck in the ! thinking and it's hard when the body is doing funky things and you watchful of it and trying to make sense of it...was just chatting with my mom about  and it was good to talk with her. We are more like friends on a leveler plain then Mother/daughter.  she shared that too about my sister and her..We are all growing in so many ways...

I pray never to go stale..well watch for what you pray life is by far stale..and I mean my own..sometimes I can be a three ring circle all by myself..too funny..

Now back to preparing for the Outdoor Studio Exhibit....I went through some things or shall I say bins of artwork..and seen what was there.. Oh my gosh...thank God I'm having this sale...I surely do need too.  And with that I was all geared up for keep on going with the energy of art and finished my #7 Paths on the Good Earth.

 #7 Paths on the Good Earth...36 x 36, collage on canvas...again the image isn't working out as I would like it but I'm hoping this Wednesday to drop it off to be photographed. Costing a pretty penny but as I get one photographed I also then approve the scan and get two 24 x 24 prints of them...each one I've done that. I've got a system going here and I would like to keep it up but it will have to wait till after this week...
I'm about to finish my morning journal and need to make an new after the time in the studio I used the cardboard from a watercolor pad and cut it size...6 x 9 seems to work well for me because I buy a box of paper at staples and then fold it in half and make 10 sheets per signature and then sew them together...I added on two more signature to this one...I usually have 10...10 sheets per 10 signature and then you have 200 pages to do my morning journaling..but this time I added 20 more pages which give me 40 total to write on, I think...? 

Well on with that day and to make a card for the husband to take with him when he goes down for his Uncle Harold funeral tomorrow.. and the lawn needs to be cut...debating on when I should cut? wanting the front yard to be some what tame..


  1. Love the new artwork AND your handmade journal! I'm curious what kind of paper you buy at Staples for the signatures. Is it heavy enough for mixed media??

  2. Oh Laura! I have to make time to master that book stitching! I drool every time I see yours.

  3. Hi Robin and April...the journal I made is for the Morning Pages I do...the other art journal books seem to need something heavier, Like a watercolor paper especially if ya want to do Mixed media on it but if you want to just use pencil pen and colored pencil the business paper for resume' is what I use...comes in few colors. I like the feel of it..more cotton in it then the other papers..


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