Friday, August 10, 2012

Working through it all.

Trying hard to not disconnect all the way....part of a pattern thing, I know it...when a group of things come up I get a bit cranky and fall into some drama.. not a good place to be.  Best thing is- I see it and I'm trying hard not to feed on that and put the blinders on.. being in the studio to curb that drama.

They say not to share this stuff, but it's life ups and the might chase blogger followers away...they say with stuff like of they being the blog and art coaches out there..

I sent out a few inquires about presenting some workshops and was rejected..really all it a word "No"  you can't do it here or we have too much going on in the field of collage already.  So with that then I've heard it in a few other places too as of trying to work things out with many people in arts... Mainly not budging or sharing or giving in one bit... Question..?  What's going on?

Sounds like a case of "Oh poor me"  don't it...well it to be honesty.

I can understand now how some of my peers/networking group that have walked away from this kind of stuff.  I'm I starting to get it?? as of get set in my own/old ways and not willing to budged too?  Could be..

Well it's probably to many trains coming into the station at once...trying to make a new body of work for the October solo show.  Then working with oldest daughter on Outdoor Studio Exhibit publicity stuff-postcards, flyers and the street signage...(for early September) all ready have my ad in a local magazine which will go out for September...pretty cool.. And this weekend I have to stop all that and prepare for a workshop, which I'm really excited about.  Website too, working with the updates there and..all business side of things...

Been doing my granny runs, walking the dogs, and bike riding and eating healthy too.

So realizing this all as I did some major journal writing I know it will pass and settle as the a good storm does...just a bit weird...mercury goes into retrograde at least three times a year...I'm a Gemini and a bit sensitive to this all and as it settles back down I'm hoping to understand it. As they say "More Will be Revealed"

As of understand I did set the dates and put this all into motion many months now all it takes is to work through it...Keep soldiering on and it will be just fine..

Gratitude is the answers for a cranky attitude...and I'm grateful for my husband, my homestead, my family, my pets, a studio to work in, job opportunities, and peace every night in my heart when I got to bed.

Off to tackle the list today and get a move on things...Music is alway a good medicine like a walk in the woods..

Which yesterday I slipped in a quick artist date for myself.. The Little Red School House

 Tree Whispers
 Row of circles of handmade papers all relating to the theme or story about a tree or trees. 

 Standing like Georgia O'Keeffe did under the I put the camera inbetween them and snap a photo looking up.
 A room full of these delightful stories stacked...

I walked yesterday all round the grounds..almost 2 miles on one side-Black Oak Forest side and 1 mile on the White Oak side..slight drizzle but delightful. 


  1. Laura, I've always found August to be a month of utter craziness in art. Either I am in an utter funk (doing nothing) or find that others are equally snippy when trying to get something going.
    I know locally one of the art associations had a collage class by some guy who had *won awards*.....well, honey, I looked at his work and thought of the depth of your work and the analness of my own and shook my head.
    Have faith with the workshops and try and think outside the box of when/where they could be presented.
    I personally think collage is one of those things that EVERYONE does so differently, there could be many my humble opinion.
    This all will settle and work out... ♥


  2. Totally agree with you Annie..As all things they have a way of settling or Passing like a good storm. Might be a bit of an after math but all will be good.


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