Friday, August 24, 2012

to fill the void or not to fill the void

After sitting at the computer way to long yesterday noodling out the up dated resume and trying to copy what my Web master Daughter did...which took me a bit but was able to remember all the little ways to check I now have an  up date resume on there.. in a pdf format.

Some things I 2010 I entered my work all over the place and this year I didn't do much of that...I was to busy preparing and present workshops...I had a pretty intense schedule plus classes...

So now the break and less is more thinking and doing..

I had my cousin wondering what I would be filling my void with as of all the time and energy I've put into teaching classes and now I decided to stop for awhile and work on my own artwork with a few workshops here and there... I'm happy to say I have to redirect myself often and remind myself that I've chosen to do this...more time to create and it's only been a few I'm still adjusting to it..kind of on a holiday brain mode but I did sign up for two evening classes..Monday nights Mid Sept. I'll be taking a Zumba classes and Tuesday night Tai Chi...Oh I've been wanting to go back to Tai Chi for some time and I've been wanting to take a Zumba class...I love to dance...not the best at it but I love to let the body move...My daughters are like Mom? you know what Zumba is?  I said yes a Dance Exercise class...And my other daughter said, Mom use to dance when she was younger...(wow...feeling a bit ancient with that remark)  Self care and my Well Being are trying to be the focus.

So far that is all that has filled a void...and that's in an evening time..

But the many focus is going to be Me...selfish I know but been working on the body as of the good foods and the granny running and walking of the dogs but I would like to continue this to a different level...Pretty in Allie said, "People that exercise are happy people," and I know the days I exercise I'm a happy camper... Endorphins!!

Also the words Well Being and Fulfillment are seeping in to my dailiness and I'm looking for that more so.... as how to keep it going, keeping my well being happy.

On with the day and list...
dropping off my #6 Emergent, 36 x 36 collage, to be photograph professional...

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