Monday, August 06, 2012

Photo's from Creative Art Journaling

 Cherri's Journal...she really is enjoying this..
 Cherri's other journal...she was creating two at at time.
 I brought in box of my scrap collage papers and offer them to everyone to use for there covers..My scrap box has a tendency to grow out of it's square space so I need to thin it out.. Joanne was really enjoying the color blue on her book..which is on of my favorites too.

 Gina shares here book, delighted with the way the stamps are turning out.

 Gina was able to create along of detail in her gum easers..more then I every could..she's a natural at it.

 Joanne sharing her moon shape cut outs with only gesso on the pages at this time but ideas were growing.
 We cut out shapes and slipped in a deli sheet between the book pages before we glued them together..then the gesso and color..Very inviting.
 Mary Lee is sharing how she was working with the light to dark variation with the circle cut out pages.  Nice effect there Mary Lee.
Here is Mary Lee's spread with a page cut, kind of give a pop up book effect for adults.. when you turn the page, the whole page won't..some of it will be left behind and it added a nice fun effect.


  1. I love seeing these journals.

  2. Well they didn't get a chance to finish them in class but they have a good start for it..


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