Thursday, August 16, 2012

Intuitive Collage Workshp-Naperville Day 1

I'm so excited to be gathering my personal things this morning and heading out to teach a three day workshop.  I've got a full house as they say..10 students and a few of them are repeat students so this will be like old friends weekend.  I read something this morning about using you energies you know creative ones.. That are emotions are just forms of energy and then need to be venting in a good way...Oh so excited to be able to create today..get the hands mucked up and allow the heart that is young in me to come out..

Bring my big piece Singing my Song,  (listening to my Voice)

I really do love this piece, I was being rebellious with it can you tell.  I had tried to create work with out  numbers or words in it because it limit's the possible customer I was total. Well then tell me no and look out..So this was in fact a piece coming from a state of rebelliousness and I just let out my emotions and sang my song through a creative voice..the only way I know how.

Well best be I've got make my green shake and pack up the personal stuff. share more later.

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  1. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Have a great w'shop! I love the sound of your energy and it shows in your work. I've just had to say no to an invite to teach and feel badly, because the group energy is so infectious!


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