Friday, August 17, 2012

Intuitive Collage photo's from Day 1

 The Naperville Art League just purchased a new drying rack..isn't it nice...  half full

 Jill, trying out a new color for the stained string papers we were creating at this point during the day.
 Maritza, following along to make sure she has everything ready here..and then she'll create a beautiful sheet of Stained string papers.
 Mike and Aleta are getting prepared for their papers too.  cutting the string before hand.

 Danila and Cherie Happy as can be.
 Nancy and Eileen some old pro's at this are off to the races with mixing some nice colors.
Now the drying rack is almost full and for some of us around there it was difficult to reach the top to lay our piece on there to dry.  Where's Mona...I'll have to get a picture of her and I see I missed Kathy too.  Well today is an new day and I'm off and so excited to be doing this..did I say I love this part of the job, sharing and watching others learn...and the excitement in them.

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