Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Game Plan or the Grid...

"Everyone has to find the right path. 

You can't see it so it's hard to find.
No one can show you.
Each person has to find the path by himself."           
This journey is not on the outside. 
The path is inside of our selves. 
It is inside that we must begin our search.   

I read this, this morning and related to it.  There are a few things going on -Inside- as I can't believe the effect of a distant cousin had on me the last two day... maybe because there are still others here close to me, family members that are dealing with it-Alcoholism that is.. Oh heck if it's in the family Gene's I could have so easily be there too...had my days when I was younger and into adulthood.

But I realized it wasn't working for me any more and let it go..Well hoping others flick the switch too  and make that connection..I'm not perfect by far but grateful.  Life is much easier and simpler with out having to chase the insanity of it all.

Well enough of that it still is a inside job no matter what you do and my job is to stay focus on the game plan... or some may call it the grid.. what ever it is it keeps me growing and going and striving to do more. 

Ideas stem and inspiration boils inside to the tip of my fingers.   The idea of making a good body of work that is larger then the 12 x 12's I've been doing all year with the tack down Tuesday's has been a spring board I feel for what is next...but staying focused is so hard for a creative like me that enjoys to be immersed in process of many things. I was going to slip and diss myself by saying the attention disorder thing but I'm not going to go there as what I've been able to accomplish is in part do to that ability to multitask like the best of them...though here are moments of being overwhelmed I regain my footing and I'm back on the trail/path...

So caught me rambling again...good to do once in while, just an act of sorting at my finger tips I guess.

I'm headed out to Ottawa this afternoon, going to do a little road trip to present a Demo to the Ottawa Art League and I do plan on having a nice hour or two to look around and have some dinner. I'll but in my studio trying to behavior for something like this is to pack but then I end up creating, because my good anxiety about this all had me go right to what helps..and that's creating.. so I'll see what happens..but first need to walk the dogs and order my postcards for the Outdoor Studio exhibit coming much to do and loving it all the way.

To flicking on the right switch and letting go and following a good path.


  1. Hi Laura! For a minute there, I thought you were coming to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. And I was ready to go and meet you tonight. But IL is a bit far. Oh well... I love your collages and also reading your reflexions.
    Francine from Ottawa, Canada :)

  2. Oh Gosh Francine, I wish...someday that could be true though.


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