Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 3 of Collaging continued....

 Our table was getting fuller by the minute as everyone was finishing off their collages. The smaller ones were used as exercises pieces, as to explore how to introduce ourselves to the white surface. a little compositional aspect was shared at this point.

 Couldn't fit the whole table few more shots of the collage art created.
 Some pieces weren't all the completed but we still wanted to see our progress..The first two day went by so fast and our last day was perfect as it allowed us to really work...I remember looking at the clock so I could tell them how much time we had and every time I did that I seen hours and hours we I keep quiet...
 The edges on these pieces will be cut off with the tape later when everyone goes homes...still need a few more moments to see if it's all that is called for...just might need to put in few more pieces..
 The large piece here is Mikes and he was testing out a substrate of PVC..he has gotten sheets of this material and wanted to give it a try to see how it worked..and it he'll be sharing it with his students soon.

Kathy piece above and another one she was working on..I don't think she moved from her chair must...just cranking them out..hahaha.

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