Sunday, August 26, 2012

Busy work....

 Yesterday after a nice breakfast at Moondance Diner in Burr Ridge I came home to start on new yard signage for the Outdoor Studio Exhibit.. I pulled the old ones off and my daughter was able to make these up for me. Well made a CD of them and then I had them printed at Staples.  11 x 17 inch..I dont' have papers that large so had them do it.   Never know what the weather will be like so I use clear contact paper and roll of big clear packing tape to seal the edges off...kind of water proofed it, as best I could. There are 12 signs like this..

Now big canvas #7 is clear coated with Polymer and waiting for the next process. I made some paper for this..going to a landscape design I do and see if I can create it larger. Papers all need to be coated and that I'll try to fit in today. Zen thing of applying a simple thin coat over them. 

We were excited to hear how our second oldest daughters experience went with her motorcycle classes.....she had some troubles but she's not giving up and though there is rain expected today I believe they keep going on no matter what.  So one more day and then she'll probably have to take again...not an easy thing to learn and do...

and Our son...he's just pulled his first engine out of a car..going to rebuild a new one and put that in hopefully after I'm done with the driveway where he can pull the car and work closer to the main garage..

Lots going on...Wednesday I pick up our oldest at the airport..she's coming back from New York and her vacation..

and our Bernie keeps a strong will and mind going forward on her choices and classes.

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