Thursday, August 30, 2012

Breaking away for a while...

Well it's not winter out there and your probably wonder that this is all about but I thought I'd post it...the last time I did a woods adventure where it wasn't about exercise and it was about just being with myself was in the Winter so I was much over due for a moment and to receive some good woods medicine.

 Taking a picture of yourself isn't the easiest thing. Right now the critic in myself wants to pick away at the image it sees but I'll not do that to myself...because yesterday wasn't about that at all it was about being kind to myself and my soul..
 My daily Gratitude list that I carry around with me like it's the winning lottery ticket...but it's my brain really I write down all the things to do for the day on the back of the index card and on the front I have a stamp that I stamped the gratitude list with.  And then there's the Creative Writing journal...time to pull on the gratitude and slap that attitude a good one..

 Just so happens that where I picked to sit had a log there that I rolled over and with my left over bubble wrap I had in the Transit I used the garbage bag over it and had nice little cushion...didn't hear any popping so that was good. When I was a girl scout we would use a few days worth of newspapers with a string and garbage bag make our self a sit upon...did any one else do that? 
Well brought my bag of goodies...had thought I brought the mini watercolor set but must have only thought about it but never grabbed it..the thought of treating myself like this came on fast and didn't waste time fretting to much before I would add to the list and then by pass a moment of good time alone.

 Not that this place was anything special it just called me first and as I sat down, with in a few minutes I could hear from behind on the right side a few nose snuff noises and when I turned around my friends, the young deers where showing off their white tails.. they must have smelled my perfume I put on in the see I went and dolled myself up a bit in a summer dress and flip flops and walked out there...odd yes but it was about treating myself in away I've not done in a long time.. So the perfume was the trigger for them to leave the area..usually they are smelling my sweat from all the granny running I do there.

For what reason I don't know but I sketched the trees in front of me more as a design then as something real.. It was a peaceful moment..and one that just filled up my tank ...

 So this is a piece I did last year...called Summer Path and happy to say the two other piece and this one are sold(series) but I have the image of this pull as my own reference for the next big 36 x 36 I'm working on..
After being out in the woods I went up to the studio and spent some time with the new piece and laid down a section of just written words from the National Geographic and then a layer of the stained tissue paper.. though the color green isn't the same as the piece above that really doesn't matter it's about the composition and working with that.. When it's me and the wooded areas and allowing that to speak louder then the distraction of Mass media I'm at peace...and I so enjoy this process but tuning out or shutting the door from all the chaos is not as easy as it looks especially when you carry some of it in you head...So the time that I broke away was such a gift...and I'm so grateful I listen to my heart instead of the head...

Sent out my postcards for the Outdoor Studio Exhibit and I also received my copy of the Neighbors of Darien community magazine with my add in cool is that?  way too cool.. of course it cost some  big $ for that add but it was the first one I ever did...A little check on the wall for that one.. new experiences.. (new copy isn't up yet but will be soon)


  1. I was thinking about sit-upons just the other day! My Girl Scout years were sort of nightmarish, but I look upon sit-upons with fondness.

  2. Oh had some memories of mine too...wet and cold and the raccons...but it built character they say. Shape the woman that I am today and you too Carol.


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