Friday, July 27, 2012

We have Color!

 Cheri in class today is adding some nice royal blue to her journal.  She's so happy to do that too. Every class she has wanted to add the color but we all needed to get the pages prepared first.

 Gina, is just flying away with her color application to her journal. No one was stopping her.

 Sandy got a really nice effect with the analogous colors.  You can see the texture of the gesso showing through with the lights and darks of the colors..makes for a really nice effect.
 Joanne is enjoying the color combination she's getting. Smart girl to wear the rubber gloves as of working with the baby wipes the color seeps through.

 Mary Lee is ready to apply either her stamps or some more color. 

 Gina is working on her three pages that were folded and embellishing them with her gum easers stamps she made.
 Mary Lee's getting a very nice effect on her Journal.

 Our dueling Journal maker here Cheri...She's really loving this.

Sandy shows here spread, nice job with the carving of the leave stamp.  

We have one more class next Friday and we get to add on some string, ribbon or yarns and see how it feels to write in the journals.


  1. Lovely and inspiring~~looks like LOADS of fun!


  2. They all look great!


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