Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The walk in the woods

I've found this pattern which is a great pattern for me to flow is to walk in the woods to decompress from a long workshop or any other life event that happens.  I find that by walking in the woods I can reflect and let go. Of course I kind of go over the days event and see where I might tweak, add and subtract. But all in all it's a time for me to reclaim me...  Reconnect with Laura, once I start walking about the switch back section, the words always flood over me and I say "Yes I'm Home"  I think its important for me as of exercise to do this and for the mind and soul.   And from what I've learned the forward movement in any realm always has a positive effect on you. So I walk in the woods and come out feeling well all the week around..not that I felt sick mind you it's just away for me to regroup and sort for the next right thing to do.

Now, back to the book, Brave Intuitive Painting by Flora Bowley

Spiraling in
I consider sprialing in to be the moments when you are working with wild abandon, completely absorbed in your painting process, and moving from a place of pure intuitive expression. These are wonderful, timeless moments, so if the inspiration to keep painting is present, by all means, follow your brush!  Work from a place of brave, spontaneous freedom and continue painting intuitively for as long as the forces guide you. You are in the flow-embrace it. this is your time to "let go," so don't hold back. 

Spiraling out
When you start to feel tired, complacent, or stuck, this is the perfect time to spiral out.  Stepping away or spiraling out from your paintings is a powerful tool that allows you to see your work with new eyes. As is true in life, when you are too close to something, eventually you can't see it at all.  By spiralling out, you are gaining a new perspective that will support you to make new choices and push you paintings in new directions. This does not mean you have to decide that fate of your paintings in this moment-most definitely not! you are simply giving yourself a fresh perspective to avoid getting "lost" in your canvas. By fluidly spiraling in and out as you build up layers, you are training yourself to move easily between pure letting god and thoughtful decision making... a hardy balance that will also support you in your everyday life.
   The following section will guide you gently down a different kind of path-a spiraling path -leading to a wold of dynamic painting form the heart.

After I read this... I felt that well now I'm on track with this.. I just had to do that with the last big piece I worked on...I had to spiral out for a few days and then when I came back in my inner artist said, "baby go with your gut, do what you intended to do from the start and speak it loudly," so while creating the piece I know I was tapping into a part of me that was resting...Lets say I awakened myself..sound weird I know but it was so refreshing...I want more..

So today I've got a nice meeting with an artist friend and I'm going to show her how to blog..not that I'm an expert just a risk taker and dabbler at it. But I know by being shown how it takes the fear out of it so that you can push a button with out fear and you can take a risk.  But prior to our visit I'm going to pick up four more of the 36 x 36 canvas if they have them in stock and get myself prepared.  I know I didn't want to do this as of buy more canvas but I'm enjoying this size and want to have a few more ready for Octobers Solo exhibit.

Best to be getting a move on..

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