Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Road trip today

I've set up a date today to visit the Freeport Art Museum..I'm to attentive present a workshop there in October of this year so I'm looking in to the space myself. Crazy as it sounds I need to know the space I'm going to be working in..Mainly for the flow how the workshop will best play out.

Did a bit of Fourth of July shopping for Dinner..I think I'll make some Pork and chicken Kabobs..never tried that on the grill before..got some pineapple and peppers too. Not sure what else but I'm positive that it will come to me by the end of the day.

 Oh this book if for me...see what is says.."Crazy Ladies"  it was probably about woman being creative and making their way with it and having a little fun. Well it's a book that I purchased from the friends of the library for 50 cents.  I'll use it as the substrate for my Creative Writing Journal.
 Using a brush or a plastic charge card I spread the medium on there and then if need be roll it flatter with the wax paper and the roller.
 I usually glue three pages together, working in a group and then letting them dry and come back to a few hours later.. and repeat till the whole book is done.

 Don't know if you can see the envelope there with the feather yarn hanging. I created a pocket for other notes to going to or for things I might want to save from that days journey.
Here the book has been cut many times with the circle off set and each spread is painted differently.
this is what were are doing the Creative Writing Journal class.. preparing a journal for the summer writing.  

well best be getting going..need to do something homestead things first before I hit the road.

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  1. I was just preparing a book yesterday, gluing the pages together with your tutorial from a while back! Going to use it when we go to Door County later this summer. Thanks laura! My book was one that Rich was reading called "The Big Picture".


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