Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Coffee Cup

As I walk an Art Fair on Sunday morning, I always scout out a new coffee mug. Something special and is handmade. As you can see I found one this weekend at the Naperville Woman's Club Annual 53rd Art Fair...this mug was made by Sue Norris from Sugar Grove.. Sweet woman.  I liked it, it has a nice heavy base to it.

And you can see my Fairy plant that seems to be following around at the art fairs.  I bring him along to sit on my podium.  And there's the house piggy bank that sits next to my stove, exchanges goes in there of just in case anyone needs it.

Started myself back on a good healthy eating and exercise program and been enjoying getting back in to educating myself on the whole healthy issues... My husband watch the Channel 11 show about the Blood Sugar Solution and I have to say the books by Dr. Mark Hyman MD.   Fascinating how using food the old fashion way as a medicine instead of jumping right in to pop a pill which only keeps the cycle of dysfunction going on in your body. Well from an art book on intuitiveness to now learning about our body's health...it's all about being a student in life and keeping the door open to the wonderful knowledge out there. it's gets me all excited and when when your physically feel good and in balance then it makes it that much easier to carry that out in all aspects of your life...Mind, body and spirit things = a well balanced life...that's what I'm always striving and working towards...now I have to get the relaxing down pat..seems I'm lacking in that department..long life of keeping busy but finding down time is so much a good part of balance. I think I fake it and think I have quiet moments but I'm a racing on to the next things..and it's not coffee that does it just my nature I have to learn to tame.

well off to get some bike riding in and a walk..going to be part of the cooker of a day today..


  1. Love that coffee mug. perfect for u. now u sit with it and enjoy your morning pages.

  2. Good show vibes! Things just fit together, glad Randy's involved in the blood/sugar solution!


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