Friday, July 27, 2012

Has it been the heat?

Oh I'm not sure, but it's got to have an effect on us all, the heat that is,  effecting so many things that we need to live with gets a bit scary....I've got to watch myself.  I have a tendency to pick up and carry others troubles and then I end up getting weighed down, distracted and then off kilter.  I think that happened the last few days...All things that I can't really help with, what it does to me is freezes me..and I turn to things that are healthy for my mind body and getting stuck in a sluggsville know that spot, I seem to carry it around with me every day but don't need it some emotional stuff comes my way and then she grabs me...and I sit, but I've found that by sitting I have turned to a usefully tool-journal writing. 

And I sit, maybe it's the body's way of calming down?  but I write out all that seems to be blocking a healthy flow of thinking..some call it brain drain or venting on the page and some people like myself also do it in the morning hours. If you connect with this whole idea as of  comfort in the touching the pen to the paper especially when it's got color, texture and life to it already it really helps me remember my grounding and humble place.  I like to call it "back to reality" Now after sitting, I got refocused on what the grid/game plan was and it's been a really strong one lately and I'm a listening to it..and that is to make a series of 36 x 36 collages on canvas...Subject matter is really about color and composition and the relationship they have. The number has been shown to me "100"  now that's a crazy but I think a more manageable number will come before I carry on to a different size and substrate to work in.. Hmm I do wonder what a gallery of 100 would look like... new dream/inspiration or idea?

After working with the Tack Down Tuesdays, this August for a year the square is something I so enjoy working with and the 12 x 12 inch size -so now to move to 36 " square is very exciting and challenging. All about Expanding and Contracting much like nature herself.

 Well best get going here, got class to teach, Oh I did want to show you all the one Journal that seems to be stress at the binding.. which can happen to these types of Creative journals. (above)  I used my little handy drill and drilled holes all the way through the book and then used leather to string the pages together. Not your typical way of binding but this way adds some character like no other...a lot of Art journals have a bit of character like this..I added an assortment of ribbons and I'm ready to go with this one.. The reason why the spine has started to give way is because of the glued pages it is added space and stress on  the journals spine isn't prepare for. 

Well I'm liking it...mainly because of this chunky look, the weight in my hands,  Now my smaller journals don't seem to need this as much..

OK well now that this tool has worked to keep me on track..must bust a move again.. some call this swaying off trail but on a good Red Road that is the swaying from side to side but always walking with a good heart.

Did I blame it on the heat?  funny how one looks for ways not to see what needs to be straighten out, for me it usually starts with my thinking once that's in line,  there's peace..but if it's not look out I be come a trouble maker..with a capital T...

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  1. Boy, that's exactly what happens to me - when carrying others troubles. I know that feeling. Love the book and yes, probably mine will need some reinforcement as it is not a thin book. Still gessoing in between other things!


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