Thursday, July 05, 2012

Freeport Art Museum

 Freeport Art Museum is an Old School house that is now a Art Museum.
 Front door, and they also have a loading section in the back on the lower level...thank God, for the folks that seem to haul stuff every where they go like Me. 
 One section of the gallery. Right now it's a show called It's Natural, all things having to do with nature. Nice show.
 This gal here does work like Cheryl Holz with the texture.
 Second gallery section.
 Lower level of the Art studio space, This looks as though it work just fine for a Collage Workshop

I did ask about more tables for supplies and myself so, Barry said he should be able to manage that..and the electricity..checked out how many outlets they have and where so...that may be a bit of a problem but if I time it right then the time we need for things to be dried will work out naturally.. and there won't be a need to use tons of forced hot air from the hair dryers.

Some things one needs to check out before you commit to it plus there's extra room in a few extended rooms to the back and front of the studio space.

Now today to get things started to pack up for the Workshop on Sunday...Creative Prayer Flags.

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