Sunday, July 22, 2012

For whatever reason.....

The morning routine for Randy, my husband is to grab his coffee and head to the garage and start up his computer. So just like every morning he does this..But this morning he kept calling me into see a Bagger/Road Couch/Geezer Glide...Some thing happened to him. With the load of bikes out there in the garage I don't know how one can move..but then I should talk my art studio has it's share of good stuff too.  As I said we are collectors of sort, not hoarders but collectors. With the loss of his chopper and acceptance of that he's decided to make some changes.

So my morning list is walking the four legged loves, and weeding and pulling the dried carnage of the plants in the front yard-then cutting it I took a shower got in some studio time.   Thinking the whole time that I would be ready if need be to go with him if he found a bike.  Well it happened, Older couple looking to get a new one and us looking to get a new used one..all the budget would afford. 

Road trip to Elkhorn WI.  We packed and gassed  up the Transit and headed out...Calmly I might wild..I keep thinking about how he so enjoys his motorcycles. So we bought it  1983 Shovel Head I'm writing about this like I know...I don't know beans about it and not going to pretend to...not my thing. But it's his and I listen to him talk...We have a 1980 Shovel head in the garage and it's in parts...or close to a basket case as I hear,  he's already talking about making some changes about that to keep the Turquoise blue one for us and the Black Betty (that's what I call her) and make it into something else...

Hmmm that seems to run in the family..repurposing things.

Well when the second oldest saw the bike with her boyfriend there was hesitation on their part and then the look and are you going to leave the black fringe hanging on it...Brian, Maddie's boyfriend said he would have took it off right than and there.. Call me weird or old fashion but I like it.  But it really doesn't matter what he does to it..."It's got a seat for my Hinny" and that's great. 

So I hear talk that he will be selling the frame from the chopper and the first sportster he bought soon...I joked with him that it's got to room in the garage..but what ever he does it's kind of cool to watch him have this creative passion for the motorcycles and to listen to him talk and share this with his son is so specially and us girls in the family are waiting for a ride...What's while is the younger generation are coming around not just today but for a while now and like to chat with him the Old Geezer and you can see them looking up to him and listening to his stories and learning about life.  That is so special to me, it bring tears of joy...Yes I've live with the most Interesting Man around.

So now I leave him be and head to my creative spot today and go work out some good creative inspiration that's spreading through the house.   Did I say I'm living a dream, one that slipped in on the back of a motorcycle. 


  1. Life is good. And you know it ! That is the best part!
    Wishing you both happy trails on this sweet journey.

  2. thank you sweetie and to you too.

  3. So interesting! Ine question: how is it that he lost his chopper?

  4. A wonderful mix. Both with hobbies and both supporting each other.


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